ICTUSnet está descubriendo vías desiguales para el cuidado del ictus utilizando análisis de procesos

[texto en inglés] IACS team, leading the work package on Acute Stroke Care, presented in the last Steering Committee held in Palma de Mallorca in April, 2019 the proof of concept for the evaluation and benchmarking of Acute Stroke Care plans across the ICTUSnet regions.

Using massive real-world data from the region of Aragon, IACS researchers implemented and validated process mining algorithms to discover the actual paths followed by acute stroke patients in Aragon. From the point of view of the clinical management of acute stroke patients, the results will be used to analyse whether the patients follow the expected trajectories according to evidence and planning. Those patients not following the foreseen paths could not entirely benefit from the advantages of the best available treatments.

Likewise, IACS researchers have developed the analytical pipeline to be deployed in the rest of ICTUSnet regions within a federated interoperable infrastructure that is being created ad hoc. Researchers of the other ICTUSnet regions will then replicate the process mining algorithms on their own hospital data. As in the case of Aragon, they will be able to analyse how far the actual paths discovered are from the expected.

Once this stage is successfully accomplished, IACS team will deploy a new algorithm aiming the comparison of the different pathways in the different regions, making the case for a more sophisticated benchmarking exercise on acute stroke care plans across Europe.