Prochain atelier: usages innovants des données réelles (Real World Data) sur les accidents vasculaires cérébraux

ICTUSnet a le plaisir de vous inviter à l’atelier thématique en ligne sur les “usages innovants des données réelles (Real World Data) sur les accidents vasculaires cérébraux“, qui aura lieu le 25 février, présenté par deux instituts aragonais de sciences de la vie (IACS), spécialisés dans le transfert de connaissances et la recherche, Développement et Innovation, et le Centre de Calcul Haute Performance de Barcelone – Centro Nacional de Supercomputación (BSC-CNS), spécialisé dans le calcul haute performance et gestionnaire de MareNostrum, le plus puissant supercalculateur en Espagne, et le 3ème en Europe.

Rejoignez-nous lors du prochain événement de diffusion ICTUSnet!

[Texte en anglais] On the 8th of October the first ICTUSnet dissemination meeting will take place online. The objective of this meeting is to present the specific objectives, the experience of each beneficiary and also the preliminary results of the ICTUSnet project. It will be an open day for health professionals, research centres, technology companies and patient associations. If you are interested in joining us, please follow this link to register.

Réunion annuelle de SVIN 2019

[texte en anglais] The Society of Vascular and Interventional Neurology (SVIN) is committed to improving stroke prevention strategies as well as expanding access to the most impactful and modern acute stroke treatments to patients worldwide. Stroke and interventional neurologists who are members of SVIN continue to work collaboratively with interventional neuro-radiologists and endovascular neurosurgeons to achieve better outcomes for stroke patients.

Journée mondiale del AVC

[en anglais] Initiatives that make a difference: Inform – Prevent. World Stroke Day falls on the 29th of October each year. It has been marked as a day of global action and awareness of stroke and its burden on millions of people worldwide, directly or indirectly affected. It is also the perfect day to focus on campaigns that aim to have an impact by influencing policies towards a further improvement of the stroke care system. Many regions across Europe have joined the cause by organizing events to raise awareness on stroke. In Spain, informative events and initiatives took place in Catalonia, Community of Madrid, Seville, Navarra and Valencia.